We love talking about Board Games and our gaming experiences. We cover the latest Board Game News and share our love of gaming. We cover new games, older games, and Kickstarter games.

Ep:49 Orleans Deep Dive Review

We cover the board game Orleans in a Deep Dive Review.

Ep:48 Water Gate Deep Throat Review

We do a deep dive review on Watergate and talk about Mech vs Minions, Kemet Blood and Sand and Online Conventions. We welcome our new host Alex.

Ep:47 The Erica Special

We cover the games Blitzkrieg!: , Trismegistus and Pursuit of Happiness. Then we have a special fair well to Erica.

Ep:46 Just the Two of Us

We go over our favorite 2 player only games.

Ep:45 Stop making all that Clank

We do a deep dive review on Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated.

Ep:44 Frosthaven Winner

We introduce our Frosthaven winner and he shares some board game design stories with us.  We talk about playing on Board Game Arena.

Ep:43 The Crew: Quest for Planet 9

We cover the trick taking cooperative game The Crew and talk about the BGG Nominations. We also have a ton of Board Game News.

Ep:42 Caverna The Cave Farmers

In this special episode we do a deep dive review of Caverna: The Cave Farmers Board Game.

Ep:41 Roll Player

We talk about the board games Roll Player, Wolfenstein, Cloudspire, and Ankh: Gods of Egypt.

Ep:40 Mind Mgmt on Tabletopia

We cover the games Mind MGMT, Airlines Europe and They Live.

Ep: 39 Win Frosthaven

In this episode we announce we are giving away a free copy of Frosthaven. And we talk about the games The Great Zimbabwe, Imhotep, Cartographers, and Pictures.

Ep: 38 Java Game Haus Interview

Interview with Java Game Haus Owners Doug and Kristin.

Ep:37 Coronavirus and Board Games.

In this episode we discuss Paranormal Detectives, Airlines Europe, 1824, Panic on wall street and Social Distancing.

Ep:36 Take my Sister, Please!

We cover the games Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy, Ticket to Ride Jr, On Mars, and Last Will. We also talk about the Origins Best Board Games Nominations. Mike’s sister is on the show and tells us some fun facts about Mike.

Ep:35 Stephen Buonocore Interview

In this episode we interview the President of Stronghold games Stephen Buonocore. We cover lots of his upcoming games.

Ep:34 Wait for Me!

We cover the games Atlantis Rising, Ishtar, Blood on the Clock Tower, and Clank Legacy. Then we discuss waiting for people on a game night.

Ep:33 Short and Sweet

We talk about the games Coffee Roaster, Bites, Root Underworld, and Kuh handel Master – Horse Trading. Then we cover the latest Board Game News.

Episode:32 Board Game Designer Steve Avery Interview

In this episode we interview with Board Game Designer Stephen Avery and talk about his ProtoATL Con. We also cover the games Scarlet Pimpernel and Second Chance. We also talk about how the coronavirus is affecting everyone, including the board game industry.

Episode:31 Popular Board Games We Hate

We cover the games Pax Porforiana, On the Underground,1989 Dawn of Freedom, and Zombie Kidz Evolution. Then we try to change our minds about games we do not like.

Episode:30 Concordia Board Game Deep Dive Review

We do a deep dive review on the board game Concordia from Rio Grand Games.

Episode: 29 Board Game Predictions for 2020

We talk about the games Don’t Get Got, Climbers, Pax Pamir, and Crown of Emara. We then make our predictions about Board Games in 2020.

Episode: 28 Best Board Games of 2019

We cover the games City of The Big Shoulders, Res Arcana, Lost Cities, and MacGyver The Escape Room Game. The we talk about the best board games from 2019.

Episode: 27 Abomination, 3 Kingdom Redux, Stockpile and Draw your own Conclusions .

We review the games Abomination, 3 Kingdom Redux, Stockpile and Draw your own Conclusions.

Episode 26 Pandemic Legacy Season 1 & 2 Deep Dive Review

We do a deep dive review on Pandemic Legacy Season 1 & 2. No spoilers in the first half of the show.

Episode 25 Exit Games Review

In this episode we do a review of all of the Exit escape board games.

Episode 24 Board Game News Years Resolution

In this episode we talk about the games Runes Stones, Wavelength, and Quarter Master General. We share our Board Game New Years Resolutions.

Episode 23 Games for Christmas gifts

In this episode we talk about the games Silver and Gold, Whitehall Mystery, Five Tribes, 6 nimmt!, Board Game Arena, Shobu, Cat Lady and Empires Age of Discovery. We then share our best games for Christmas gifts.

Episode 22 Board Game Conventions Tips

In this episode we talk about the games Star Wars Outer Rim, Caverna, and Twilight Imperium 4th edition. Then we share our Board Game Conventions Tips.

Episode 21 BGG Con 2019 Recap

We recap BGG Con 2019 and cover the games, Cooper island, Klask, Race for the Galaxy,  and Carcassonne South Seas. We also talk about the Tapestry tweaks.

Episode 20 Thanksgiving Family Board Games

We cover the games to play with your family during the holidays. We also talk about Azul summer pavilion and Decrypto Laser Drive

Episode 19: Addiction Beginnings

We cover the games Irish Gage, Crown of Emara, Space Team and Mega land. We start our new segment called the “Square Table”.

Episode 18: Rude Board Gamers

We cover rude board gamers and how to handle them. We talk about Keymarket, Pret-a-porter, and Bus. We also have updates on our YouTube channel.

Episode 17: Scythe Deep Dive Review

We talk about the games Akrotiri, Arkwright and In the News we have, Tantrum Con 2020 in Spartanburg , SC, Asmodee Picks Up Lui-même,  CAH Cafe, Wingspan and Galilean Moons. Then we do a deep dive review of Scythe.

Episode 16: Mike Young from Plan B Games and Strategy Board Games Finale

We interview Mike Young from Plan B games. We talk about Emperor’s Choice, Essen,  Obscurio, Amazon Counterfeits, Horrible games, Power Grid, Grand Austria Hotel and Brass: Birmingham. We also finish up our top 10 strategy games with our Top 10 strategy Games Finale.

Episode 15: Top 10 Strategy Board Games Part 5

In the Board Game news we cover, Zomibecide 2nd edition, Medici The Dice Game, Fresco mega box and, Tiny epic dinosaurs. Then we continue our Top 10 Strategy Board Games Numbers 2 and 3. And we have our first censor beep!

Episode 14: Time Stories Review

In this special episode we go deep dive into Time Stories with my Wife Jessy and our Friends Lauren and James.

Episode 13: Top 10 Strategy Board Games Part 4

We talk about some great new content on our YouTube channel including Erica’s first video. We talk about Time Stories Madame, Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Tapestry played solo and cover the latest Board Game News.

We also continue our Top 10 Strategy Games!

And Erica will be at BGG Con!

Episode 12: Top 10 Strategy Board Games Part 3

In this episode we talk about our recent plays, some Kids games: Animal Upon Animal, Pyramid of PengQuenn, Click Clack Lumber Jack, and then 18lilliput, Funkoverse strategy game, and Cartographers.

Then we cover some board games news : Decrypto Laser Drive expansion –  Book of Madness Expansion, Braille Version from Mattel, Wingspan European Expansion with more Player interactions, Bad News Bears Baren Park Expansion, IGN Top 10 Board Games of the year, Rococo Deluxe edition by Eagle Gryphon Games and Staedtler Lumocolor Correctables. or erasable ink (on paper) Pilot Frixion pens.

We also continue our Top 10 Strategy Games!

And Erica will be at BGG Con!

Tapestry Board Game Review: Episode 11

We do a deep dive review on Tapestry the Board Game. We also cover some Board Game News on : Board Game Geek – Changes to BGG Mechanisms (AGAIN), CMON Time Machine Kickstarter, WizKids Announced a Remastered Edition of Sidereal Confluence coming in May 2020, Rise of tribes, ! The “Standard” Edition is only available at Walmart, the deluxe “Mammoth” Edition is at FLGS. Everdell is back on Kickstarter with two expansions.

And Erica will be at BGG Con!

Top 10 Strategy Games part 2

In this episode we cover the games Parks, Medium, Race for the Chinese Zodiac. We go over the latest Board Gaming news. We also continue our top 10 Strategy Board games of all time.

Top 10 Strategy Games #10

In this episode we talk about Imaginarium, Modern Art, Wind the Film. We cover the latest in Board Game News about Dice Tower, Kickstarter, and new games. We then start our list of our Top 10 Strategy Board Games of all Time.

Board Game News September 2019:Game and Party Ep 8

In this episode we talk about the games Saboteur lost mines, Hadara, Neom, Patchwork Doodle, Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager, and Root River Folk Expansion.In the news we have: Azul Summer pavilion, Tapestry Pre Order, BGG redesign, Dice Tower East Director, Fox in the Forest duet, Tiny Towns expansion and Rowland Wright.

Board Game News August 2019:Game and Party Ep 7

In this episode we cover some recent Board Game News from August 2019. We also talk about the Scythe Modular boards,  Era Medieval Age, the Everdell Expansion PearlBrook and Disney Villainous.

Top 3 Party Games of all Time: Game and Party Ep 6:

In this episode we go over some board game news and jump right into talking about our top 3 party board games of all time.

Game and Party Ep 5: Top 10 Party Games (part 2)

In this episode we discuss Vegas showdown, DC Deck Builder: Rebirth, Iki, Food Chain Magnate, Asmodee Aquistions, Teburu, Yedo Deluxe, Clank in Space Cyber Station and Azul Summer Pavilion. We also continue our top 10 party games list.

Game and Party Ep 4: Top 10 Party Games (part 1)

In this episode we talk Tapestry, Whitehall Mystery, Horrified, and start counting down our Top 10 Party Games.

Game and Party podcast Episode 3: Gen Can’t

In this episode we talk about the games Silver, Rolled West, WaterGate, and Escape from the Aliens in outer space.

Game and Party podcast Episode 2

In this episode, we talk about the games Pret-a-Porter, Watergate, Nuns on the Run, Death by Trolley, Parks, Wavelength, Grand Austria Hotel

Game and Party podcast Episode 1: Dice Tower 2019, Dinogenics, Letter Jam

We talk about Dice Tower 2019 and some of the board games we played there. And some new games coming out at Gen Con next month. Talking about some of our favorite recent gaming. Some of the games we cover are Jaws, Letter Jam, Dinogenics, Brass, and Terror Down Below.

We are passionate about Board Games and want to share our love with everyone!

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